As with so many things in life, the  W E L L F A I R  bag was created out of a necessity of sorts…

In 2015, Courtney had been looking everywhere for a handbag that reflected her style. She wanted a clutch large enough to carry her phone, a compact, and small wallet; while also having the styling of small handbag.  She wanted a bag which was on trend, unique and high quality.  With a background in Interior Design, and the Scandinavian ‘can do’ frame of mind, Courtney began thinking she could make exactly what she was looking for.

Prior to the handbag search, she had picked up a large brass ring with the intention of re-creating a key ring her mother carried when she was a little girl.  She has vivid memories of holding her mom’s hand with the brass key ring hanging around her mom’s wrist like a bracelet.

The ring had been placed in a box of leather and fabric samples left over from her design days.  As she began processing how she was going to make her “perfect” clutch, she pulled out the leather and fabric box.  Randomly, as she was going through the box she grabbed the ring and put it around her wrist. With the ring hanging from her wrist,  just like it did on her mom’s, the idea struck to add the ring to the clutch.

Sewing together the leather and fabric, and adding the brass ring, the first  W E L L F A I R  bag was created. A simple, multi-functional design that perfectly complements anyone’s style. Courtney named her first bag the “Sarah Clutch,” after her mom.  The brass ring became the signature design feature of each bag.  Sadly, Sarah passed away from breast cancer in 2003.

Courtney carries that key ring, and wears it on her wrist just as her mom did.