W E L L F A I R ?

What’s with that name?  Don’t you think you should change it?  What about re-branding?  

When I was thinking about going “all in” with this little handbag business, those are questions I heard often.  So how did I come up with the name W E L L F A I R?

At the time this all began I was recently divorced, raising my two boys alone.  The child support was sporadic, and because I had been out of the ‘workforce’ for so long raising my boys, I was not having any luck getting back into the corporate world.  I had to find a way to bring in steady income with the skills I had.

My friend Kristen and I were sitting on her patio; chatting as we always do, brainstorming about this new business I was finding myself in.  Could I make it work?  What would I call it?  

My boys were little, and I was stressed.  Half joking I said, “if I don’t figure something out I’m going to be on welfare.”  Kristen laughed and said, “this is your welfare bag!”  We gave each other that “oh my gosh!” look…that has a certain ring to it, and meaning behind it.  

When I got home, I looked up the definition of welfare.  I was surprised to learn it means ”the health, happiness and good fortune of a person or group.”  It resonated with me.  I was determined to raise my boys being present.  To give them the life I had wanted for them before our lives had changed so dramatically.  For them to have health, happiness, and hopefully a little good fortune.

Having the slightly cheeky personality that I do, and loving a good play on words, I changed the spelling of my welfare to 

W E L L F A I R.  And I was all in.